Pipe Chamfer Tool


From Rough to Ready – in less than 10 seconds!


An absolute must-have tool for anyone in construction industry, who has had to face the problems of chamfering and joining plastic pipes. The Pipe Chamfer Tool is fully patented, and designed by the trade, for the trade,  to offer an easy and hassle free solution to square and chamfer 110mm plastic pipes to 15° in just one simple operation!


“the easy and hassle free solution to chamfering plastic pipes”





The Pipe Chamfer Tool will work with any standard 13mm chuck on a mains powered or battery operated drill.

After ensuring that the chuck is properly tightened and the tool is secure, place the Pipe Chamfer Tool over the end of a 110mm pipe to be chamfered. It is recommended to clamp the pipe and also to put a thin layer of grease around the edge of the pipe to reduce friction.

Making sure the Pipe Chamfer Tool is held parallel to the pipe, use the drill to rotate and begin to apply steady, even pressure. Do not force the tool. The replaceable HSS cutting blades will produce a square and chamfered pipe to 15°, which conforms with EU regulations.

Chamfering and joining pipes is no longer time consuming or a hassle with the Pipe Chamfer Tool. It takes from just 10 seconds to go from a rough edged sawn pipe to a ready chamfered one, allowing for quick and easy joining of two sections.